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 Field Engineer Calibration:

The Wintronics Field Service System manages all your engineers' calibration needs - from equipment scheduling and tracking to shipping and calibration - and provides quality reports and certificates of calibration. 


 Calibration brochure:


LS12 Series Infrared Thermometer

Precise Temperature Distribution Measurement 

Download the complete LS12 Brochure.


  • Temperature measurement from -50°C to 3000°C
  • Up to 90° Scan Angle
  • Application Specific Solution
  • Dual Mode, Stand-Alone and Remote Control
  • In conjunction with the KT15, LS12 provides precise temperature distribution measurement
  • Designed for measuring surface temperature profiles in the range from -50 to 3000° C.
  • Wide scanning angle of 90 degrees allows remote temperature sensing over extended surface areas
  • Fully integrated interface and dedicated software package allows free programming of all scanner functions
  • Either remotely controlled or automated self-contained operation is available
  • Special HD-version is offered for use in hostile and hot environments


 Selection Guide:
Model Spectral Response mm Tmin °C Tmax °C Application/Material
LS12.01 2.00…2.70  300 2400 metals, metal oxides, ceramics, glass volume
LS12.21 3.43 ± 0.15 80 350 plastic film with CH-band, coating materials (oil,paints)
LS12.23 6.80 ± 0.15 0 400 thin film plastics, e.g. PE, PP, PVC
LS12.24 7.93 ± 0.15 0 400 thin film plastics, e.g. PET, PA, fluor carbon
LS12.25 8.05 ± 0.15 0 400 thin film plastics, e.g. PTFE, PET, PVC
LS12.41 3.90 ± 0.10 250 2500 glass volume, measurements through hot gases and flames
LS12.42 4.90…5.50 100 2500 glass (processing), quartz
LS12.43 7.50…8.20 0 2500 glass (thin plates), quartz, ceramics
LS12.69 x…y 400 2500 hot gases in incinerators and fossil fuel fired utility boilers, rotary kiln
LS12.82 8…14 -50 1000 paper, textiles, rubber, wood, ceramics, thicker plastics (>1mm), painted or coated surfaces, asphalt, building materials, electronic components, food, liquids
LS12.85 9.6…11.5 -25 200 meteorological, biological, agricultural studies
LS12.99  other spectral and temperature ranges are available


 General Specifications:
Temperature Range Depends on model, minimum and maximum measuring temperature; see table above
Temperature resolution (NETD)* Depends on model, measuring temperature and response time; typical value ± 0.2° C
Accuracy ± 0.9° C ± 0.9% of the difference between target temperature and housing temperature
Long-term stability Better than 0.01% of the absolute measured temperature in Kelvin/month
Scanning angle 90° maximum scanning angle is freely programmable
Angle resolution 0.057°
Scanning speed Up to 90° /s
Measuring points 250 measuring points per programmed angle range
Aiming options* Several optical and mechanical options are available, e.g. laser pointer
Emissivity setting Adjustable from 0.1 to 1.0 programmable in 0.001 increments.  Individual programmable for every measuring point
Analog output 4 scalable output signals; linear voltage or current 0…1 V or 0…10 V or 0…20 mA or 4…20 mA (programmable)
Serial interface RS-232 interface, bi-directional, baud rate 9.600 up 57,600, for free programming and data transfer
Power requirements 22…30 VDC or 24 VAC ± 10%, 48...400 Hz; #250 mA with 24 VDC
Permissible ambient temperature 0° C up to 60° with protective and coolable housing 220° C (water cooling with 20° C and water pressure 1 l/min with max. 6 bar)
Storage temperature -20°C...70°C
Air purge Airflow rate 3…5 m3 /h at 0.3...0.5 bar (industrial air)
Housing protection, weight IP 65 (DIN 4005) NEMA 4 equivalent, approx. 2 kg


* Please ask for further data on Infrared Radiation Pyrometer KT15 Series (temperature ranges, temperature resolution, field of view): "Technical Data", "Field of View Diagrams", "Options and Accessories".

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