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 Calibration brochure:


Wintronics is a Calibration and Specialty Test Laboratory supporting firms that depend on quality measurement to produce a quality product. Wintronics customers use measurement equipment to measure a range of industrial parameters, from electrical and temperature to dimensional and pressure. Wintronics is also the exclusive U.S. agent for Heitronics Infrared Thermometers, responsible for all sales and service of its Infrared Thermometers within the United States. Our customers are located throughout the United States and Canada, and span a broad list of industries that includes Electronics Manufacturing, Telecommunications, Aerospace, Pharmaceutical, Scientific Research, Industrial Service, and General Manufacturing.

 About Wintronics

     Wintronics was established in 1985 primarily as a Calibration Laboratory and secondarily as a measurement repair facility. Calibration services were first offered to industry in March of 1985 at our facility in Basking Ridge, N.J. In 1987 Wintronics moved to larger facilities in Millington, N.J., where we currently reside.

      Shortly after inception, Wintronics recognized the need to expand its services to include mechanical and temperature calibration. The mechanical service includes dimensional, torque and pressure calibration, while the temperature service includes infrared, thermocouple, RTD as well as liquid in glass thermometer calibration. In 1989, Wintronics was contracted by Heimann Systems to repair and calibrate Heimann (now Heitronics) Infrared Thermometers. In 1995, Wintronics became the exclusive U.S. agent for Heitronics, responsible for all sales and service within the United States.

 What Sets Wintronics Apart?

      At Wintronics we are committed to meeting the individual requirements of our customers. We want to be responsive to your unique business needs, whether that means fast turnaround, special handling, special testing, direct shipping of spares to field engineers, or other special services of value to you.

     Wintronics is ready to expand into new measurement services in response to customer need. Our expansion into temperature calibration services, for example, was the direct result of a customer requirement. Wintronics is currently working to expand the limits of its calibration work to even higher temperatures and tighter tolerance in order to meet the growing needs of our customers.

     Wintronics wants to be your partner in quality measurement. We will work with you to meet your business needs, while maintaining the highest quality in our measurement services.

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