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 Field Engineer Calibration:

The Wintronics Field Service System manages all your engineers' calibration needs - from equipment scheduling and tracking to shipping and calibration - and provides quality reports and certificates of calibration. 


 Calibration brochure:

Heitronics Blackbody Radiator

Temperature Sources for Calibrating Infrared Thermometers

Heitronics ME30 Blackbody Calibration Source
Temperatures from -20oC to +350oC

ME30 Blackbody Calibration Source

ME30 Brochure

Heitronics ME30 Technical Specifications

According to the latest development in technology a Blackbody Calibration Source has to be used to calibrate infrared radiation ther­mometers and thermal imaging systems with temperature ranges within –20 °C to 350°C. 

An ideal blackbody sends out radiation - in a defined wavelength region - which only depends on its temperature. Its emissivity is 1 (Planck's law of radiation). A surface which comes very close to this perfect radiator is achieved by the aperture of a cavity whose inner surface is blackened and at a uniform temperature.   

When the opening is small with regard to the dimensions of the cavity, blackbody behavior is approximated and the emissivity approaches 1. This condition is achieved by a cylinder (tube with a bottom) when the ratio length to diameter is high. Therefore the opening of the cylinder is excellently suited as a calibration source for infrared radiation thermometers and thermal imaging systems. 

The universal blackbody ME30 meets all requirements for adjusting and calibration of radiation thermometers according to VDI/VDE-guideline 3511, Temperature measurement in industry, Part 4 Radiation thermometry and Part 4.4 Calibration of radiation thermometers.

Special characteristics:  

·      Emissivity: 0.9994 ± 0.0002

·       Aperture: Æ 60 mm (2.36")

·       Portable, weight: 20 kg (44 lb)

·       Excellent temperature uniformity

·       Precision controller

·       High stability, low controller oscillations

·      Fast heat-up: max. 1 h for stabilization

 Heitronics SW-Series Blackbody Radiator

Heitronics SW-Series Blackbody Radiator
Temperatures from 50oC to 1000oC

SW Series Radiator

Technical Specifications

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