HEITRONICS' Innovative Features

Superior Infrared Technology:

* Lithium Tantalate pyroelectric detectors utilizing chopped radiation method

* Proprietary chopper motor with 9 year MTBF

* Dielectric interference filters for 20 different spectral bands

...combined with high quality refractive optics:

* Hard coated crystalline germanium lenses for high target definition

* ZnSe or CaF2 lenses for thru-the-lens-sighting

* Interchangeable lenses and 3 different detector sizes

...results in unequalled performance features:

* Wide temperature range: -50°C - 3000°C

* Temperature resolution: 0.1°K (0.2°F)

* Accuracy: 0.5°C for targets at ambient temperature

* Long term stability: < 0.01% RDG/month

* Ambient temperature drift: Completely compensated from 0°C to 60°C

* Definition of target spot: as small as 1 mm

* Spectral emissivity: Matched to highest emissivity of target material

* Response time: As fast as 5 msec (t90)

...augmented by programmable parameters:

* Measured temperature range (°C, °F, K)

* Output signal (0-20mA; 4-20mA; 0-1V; 0-10V)

* Response time

* Emissivity adjustment, including compensation of ambient radiation

* Built-in calibration/diagnostic range



Wintronics Calibration provides the highest level of measurement service available today to ensure the exacting quality you demand from your measurement equipment.




Wintronics' Field Engineer Services manages all your engineers' calibration needs - from equipment scheduling and tracking to shipping and calibration - and provides quality reports and certificates of calibration.