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 Field Engineer Calibration:

The Wintronics Field Service System manages all your engineers' calibration needs - from equipment scheduling and tracking to shipping and calibration - and provides quality reports and certificates of calibration. 


 Calibration brochure:

Lens Assemblies:
  • Standard Lenses (d = 39 mm)
  • Spacers for Lenses
  • Standard Lenses (d = 26 mm)
  • Vacuum-tight Lenses
Connecting Cables
Power Supplies
Tools for Sighting and Optical Adjustment
  • Integral Optical Sight
  • Attached Alignment Tools
Mounting Devices
Emissivity Converters
E-spray paints
Carrying Case
Cleaning Kit
Display and Control Units
  • MS40- Digital display and signal processing units
  • Options for MS40 (alarm relay, serial interface RS232, Analog Output, etc.)
Line Scanner Attachments


Heitronics Accessories


Download dimensional information on selected accessories.

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