Infrared Thermometer Applications


The table below contains a sample list of common applications for Infrared Thermometers. Associated with each application is one or more "application groups"; these groups characterize the applications, and provide an index to our in-depth Model Selection Guide.

For guidance on which Infrared Thermometer models are most appropriate for your application, simply find your application in the table and click on the Application Group listed next to it.

Note: this is just a sample of Infrared applications. Please contact us to discuss other potential applications of Infrared Thermometers.


Application Group Descriptions

0 metals & high temperatures
2 thin film (< 1mm)
4 glass
6 gases
8 low temperatures & non-metals
18 extremely high temperatures
TRT calibration transfer standard

Click on Application Group Number to get Detailed Group Descriptions:

Common Infrared Thermometer Applications Application Groups
Cement Kiln - - burning zones; preheaters


Combustion or Incinerator - hot gases and utility boilers, rotary kiln 6
Energy conservation - insulation and heat flow studies; thermal mapping 8
Environmental - meteorological, biological, agriculture studies, remote airborn sensing, ground, water & ice surface temperatures 8
Filaments - annealing, drawing, heat treating  0, 18
Food - baking, candy-chocolate processing, canning, freezing, frying, mixing, packing, roasting  8
Furnaces- flames, boiler tubes, catalytic crackers 0, 18 
Glass- drawing, manufacturing/processing bulbs, containers, TV tubes, fibers 4, 8
Maintenance - appliances, bearings, current overloads, driving shafts, insulation, power lines, thermal leakage detection 8
Metals (ferrous and non-ferrous)- annealing, billet extrusion, brazing, carbonizing, casting, forging, heat treating, inductive heating, rolling/strip mills, sintering, smelting 0, 18
Quality Control- printed circuit boards, soldering, universal joints, welding, metrology 0, 8
Paint- curing, drying 8
Paper - coating, ink drying, printing, photographic emulsions, web profiles 8
Plastic Bulk - blow-molding, RIM, film extrusion, sheet thermoforming, casting 8
Plastics Thin Films - photographic film materials, insulating films, PE, PP, PS, PA 2
Remote sensing (thermal mapping) - clouds, earth surfaces, lakes, rivers, roads, volcanic surveys 8
Rubber - calendering, casting, molding, profile extrusion, tires, latex gloves 8
Silicon- crystal growing, strand/fiber, wafer annealing, epitaxal deposition 0, 8, 18
Textile - curing, drying, fibers, spinning 8
Vacuum chambers- refining, processing, deposition 0, 8, 18
Calibration Transfer Standard TRT


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