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 Calibration brochure:

Infrared Thermometer Services

Wintronics is the exclusive U.S. agent for Heitronics, responsible for all sales and service of Infrared Pyrometers within the United States. In that capacity, we provide the following services to our customers:

Calibration and Repair - calibrate and perform any necessary repairs on Heitronics Infrared Pyrometers.


Technical Support - perform both phone and on-site support for all technical problems, from operation to troubleshooting. Please call for assistance:

Toll Free (800) 247-7976
Tel. (908) 647-0144
Fax (908) 647-8379

Application Development - Wintronics provides a range of services for successful implementation of Heitronics Infrared Pyrometers, from assisting with application development to full development of complete Infrared solutions. Some customers may only request that we identify the specifications of an application and select the appropriate unit, while others may require complete location, cabling, mounting and interfacing services.


Wintronics frequently marries components together for unique, custom solutions for our customers; for example, an application may require us to create special housings and/or custom mountings.

Parts & Accessory Supply - Wintronics can supply all of the parts and accessories that our customers require for optimal use of our pyrometers.

Wintronics has ten years of experience with the Heitronics Infrared Pyrometers line, and a close relationship with the factory design and application engineers. We are committed to providing excellent service and support for the range of applications encountered by our customers.

WINTRONICS, INC.  •   50 Division Ave.  •  Millington, NJ 07946  •   908-647-0144  •  800-247-7976  •  fax: 908-647-8379  •