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 Calibration brochure:

Wintronics began supporting Infrared Thermometers (also called Infrared Radiation Pyrometers or Radiometers) in 1989, when we were contracted by Heitronics to repair and calibrate Heitronics Infrared Thermometers for all of its U.S. customers. In 1995, Wintronics became the exclusive U.S. agent for Heitronics, responsible for all sales and service of its Infrared Thermometers within the United States.


 Heitronics Company Mission

Heitronics is committed to providing "world class" advanced infrared sensing equipment for non-contact temperature measurements in professional applications.

     Heitronics Infrarot Messtechnik GmbH, formally Heimann Optoelectronics, has been designing and manufacturing non-contact infrared pyrometers for over 40 years. With an installed base of more than 40,000 systems worldwide, Heitronics Infrared Radiation Pyrometers have found their place in virtually any conceivable application for non-contact temperature measurement. In critical and hostile environments they are often the only choice, due to their superior performance features and proven reliability.

     Heitronics' Radiation Pyrometers are designed to meet the highest demands and standards of its customers, who are themselves technical leaders in their respective industries. Heitronics' unique and patented chopped radiation method eliminates thermal drift and compensates for thermal shock. The resulting stability from this method, combined with sophisticated noise reduction signal processing circuits, ensures the instruments' excellent performance.

     For years, Heitronics' Radiation Pyrometers have been the most frequently selected radiometers for airborne remote sensing. On July 1, 1997, a Heitronics system was the first commercial infrared pyrometer to be part of a scientific experiment in the "Columbia" spaceshuttle SpaceLab project.

     In general, Heitronics' instruments excel in difficult measuring applications, applications characterized by small targets and fast response times over wide temperature ranges, often with high repeatability requirements. Heitronics' Radiation Pyrometers are unequalled in their temperature resolution, optical definition, high stability, accuracy, and fast response.


Infrared Thermometers Overview

     Infrared thermometers can measure the temperature of an object without touching it. There are many cases in which non-contact temperature measurement is critical: when the measured object is small, moving or inaccessible; for dynamic processes that require fast response; or for temperatures >1000°C (1832°F). Some of the applications of infrared thermometers used by our customers are glass forming, thin film plastic manufacturing, and LCD Display manufacturing, as examples.

     Most of the well-known thermometers (e.g. glass bulb mercury or alcohol, thermocouple, or RTD) must be placed in direct contact with the temperature source, and have a useful range from -100°C to 1500°C. In contrast, infrared thermometers determine the surface temperature of an object by intercepting and measuring the infrared radiation it emits. The typical temperature range for these thermometers is -50°C to 3000°C from a remote location. Working distances may vary from a fraction of an inch to several miles in airborne applications.

     The underlying technology for Infrared Radiation Pyrometers is based on the principle that all objects emit radiation at wavelengths in the infrared region of the electromagnetic radiation spectrum. Infrared is that portion of the electromagnetic spectrum that lies beyond the visible (blue to red, 0.4-0.75 um) response of the human eye. Infrared thermometers measure this radiation and provide an output signal calibrated in a variety of ranges according to customer requirements.

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