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 Field Engineer Calibration:

The Wintronics Field Service System manages all your engineers' calibration needs - from equipment scheduling and tracking to shipping and calibration - and provides quality reports and certificates of calibration. 


 Calibration brochure:

Transfer Radiation Thermometers

The HEITRONICS Transfer Radiation Thermometer (TRT) is for use as a Transfer Standard of the highest level at NMIs (National Metrological Institute). It provides a high quality accurate transfer of temperatures to user's Black Body Radiators (BBRs), after the TRT is calibrated against NMI fixed-point Black Body Radiators.

For convenient and scientific use of the TRT, the user has access to the major features and values at the TRT by using PC-based software.

The Heitronics TRT series is available in three models with spectral ranges of 3.9um and 8-14um covering the temperature range of -50 to +1000°C.

Model Spectral Range Temperature Range Typical Field of View



-50 to +300°C

150 to 1000°C

6.8mm @ 380mm

5.5mm @ 360mm

TRT-IV.82 8-14um -50 to +1000°C 6.8mm @ 380mm
TRT-IV.41 3.9um 150 to +1000°C

5.5mm @ 360mm

All TRT models come with optional temperature range up to 2500oC

Common Specifications:

Field of View Marking Focus laser and through-the-lens-sighting
Lens S977AR (Zinc Selenide)
Detector Pyroelectric
Analog Output (Changeable by Software)

0-20 mA, 4-20 mA, 0-1 V, 0-10 V

The output signal is linearly to the measuring temperature or linearly to the measuring radiation, depending on setting

Resolution of the Analog Output 12 bit
Digital Interface 9.600 - 115.00 bps
Resolution of Digital Output 0.02 °C
Response Time (90%) (Changeable by Software) 0.03, 0.1, 0.3, 1, 3, and 10 s
Permissable Ambient Temperature 23 °C ± 3°C
Storage Temperature -20 °C - 70°C
Operating Voltage 24 VAC +/- 10%, 48-400 Hz or 22-30 VDC
Power Consumption 4.8 VA
Weight 1.5kg
Protection IP65 (NEMA 4 equivalent)




Transfer Radiation Thermometer

Transfer Radiation Thermometer Brochure

CT18 Transfer Thermometer - TRT Qualified

CT18 Transfer Thermometer - TRT Qualified
Available in 1.0 + 1.6um.  Please inquire for details.

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