Wintronics Field Service Engineer Calibration Program

Wintronics Field Service Equipment Calibration Program pushes equipment to your field service engineers and technicians so they experience zero down time for calibration.  Our program takes care of all tracking and shipping of equipment to our clients' service engineers when their equipment is due for calibration.

Eliminate Field Equipment Calibration Hassles

Whether you have 1 or 1000 field engineers, you know the headache of keeping track of testing equipment, yearly calibration schedules and which engineer is attached to which piece of equipment.

Let’s face it, proper calibration is crucial to efficient, successful service, but organizing the logistics takes up valuable time – both yours and your engineers’ – time that could be much better spent elsewhere.

Wintronics Field Service Engineer Program saves you time and money by overseeing all your field calibration needs.

Servicing Testing Equipment in ALL Industries

From electricity and temperature, to dimensional, torque and pressure, Wintronics calibrates most brands and types of testing equipment.  We will happily learn to work with your proprietary equipment as well.

Our satisfied clients come from a wide range of industries, including: medical equipment, pharmaceutical diagnostics, aerospace, government contractors, audio industry, building automation, turbine generators and many more.

SOLUTION For All Your Calibration Needs

Wintronics works with you to create a customized Field Service System to meet your company's unique needs. Our system includes:


Direct Field Service Engineer Interface
By working directly with your field service engineers, we eliminate the need for additional in-house personnel to oversee field calibration – saving you time & money. 

Equipment Tracking for Every Service Engineer
We track and maintain a complete history of equipment for each field engineer. We advise the when equipment needs calibration and organize speedy drop-shipments to and from their location.

Comprehensive Reporting
Monthly reporting, including tracking of incoming and outgoing equipment status, detailed shipment reports and NIST calibration with data and certificates is provided for your records.

Two Customizable Programs

We will work with you to customize our field service plans to best suit your company’s needs.

Individual Program
We know service engineers and understand how they can be picky about their personal piece of equipment.  The individualized service and fast turnaround of our Individual Program minimizes downtime while ensuring each service engineer gets their favorite equipment back fast.

We give each service engineer two weeks notice to send their equipment for calibration.  Equipment is shipped directly between the service engineer and Wintronics, saving time, shipping costs and potential damage. The engineer advises us that the equipment is on the way and we take care of the rest.

Pool Program
Wintronics maintains a pool of calibrated ready-to-ship equipment for your field crews, completely eliminating downtime and lost revenue due to calibration delays.

Each service engineer is assigned a calibration anniversary month.  During that month, the engineer receives a calibrated set of equipment from the pool.  Upon receipt, they return their old equipment, which is placed into the pool for the following month.






Wintronics Calibration provides the highest level of measurement service available today to ensure the exacting quality you demand from your measurement equipment.




You rely on your field test equipment to do the job every time.  So, why leave calibration to chance?

All it takes is one mis-calibrated reading to throw your measurements off, lead to costly return service visits, waste time and, worse yet, potentially compromise your company’s reputation.  Who needs the hassle?

The Wintronics Field Service Engineer Calibration Program manages all your field service engineers' calibration needs – from equipment scheduling and tracking to shipping and calibration – and provides quality reports and certificates of calibration.

Let Wintronics take care of your equipment, so you can take care of your customers.

Wintronics' Field Service Engineer Calibration Program manages all your service engineers' calibration needs - from equipment scheduling and tracking to shipping and calibration - and provides quality reports and certificates of calibration.