CT15 Series Infrared Thermometer






The Universal Infrared Radiation Pyrometer for non-Contact Temperature Measurement.

CT15-Series Brochure

CT15-Series Datasheet


Features of the CT15 Infrared Radiation Thermometer

General Specifications

Temperature range -25°C ... 900°C
Temperature resolution (NETD) Depends on measuring temperature and response time, typical value 0.1°C
Accuracy (uncertainty) ± 0.8°C plus 0.7% of the difference between target and housing temperature
Long term stability Better than 0.01% of the absolute measured temperature per month
Field of view diameter From Ø 1.7mm, depends on lens
Field of view marking Focus laser, built-in: aims the size of the field of view in focal distance
Pilot laser, built-in: aims the center of the field of view in any distance
(More mechanical pointers are available)
Laser function Time out or permanent operation, while flashing or continuous marking
Spectral ranges 2 - 2.7 µm,  3.9 µm,  4.9 - 5.6 µm,  7.93 µm,  7.5 - 8.2  µm,  8 - 14 µm
Programmable functions via serial interface Emissivity, Environmental temperature, Analog output, Function of analog output, Response time, Temperature unit, Valley/ Peak-picker with decay function, Laser operation
Emissivity 0.100 to 1.000 in 0.001-steps
Response time from 30 ms to 10 s (0.03, 0.1, 0.3, 1, 3, 10 s); Option: 5 ms available
Temperature unit °C, °F or K
Analog output - Hardware
Analog output - Functions
4 scalable output signals, temperature linear 0-10V, 0-1V, 0-20mA or 4-20mA, Zoom function for temperature span > 50 K.
Actual value, Maximum value or Minimum value
Serial interface RS232-Interface, bi directional, 9,600 to 115,000 bps, for programming and data transfer
Thermal switch Monitors the instrument temperature
Power requirements 10.5-32 VDC or 10.8 VAC to 26.4 VAC, 48-400 Hz
< 150 mA @ 24 VDC
Permissible operating temperature -20°C ... 60°C
Storage temperature -20°C ... 70°C
Protective class, Weight IP68 (IEC), NEMA 6; 1.3 kg
Housing Stainless steel


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