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 Calibration brochure:

Heitronics Infrared Thermometers

Heitronics offers more than 50 infrared thermometer products that are suitable for a wide range of applications, including industrial manufacturing, research and laboratory explorations.

Guide to Infrared Thermometer Applications.




Infrared Radiation Pyrometer

KT19-Series II IR Specs
Infrared Pyrometer
(selection guide)

-100oC - 3000oC

Research and Industrial Application tool

KT19 Series II
KT19-Series II Infrared Radiation Pyrometer
(140K PDF Brochure)

  • Self-contained measuring system
  • Integrated LCD display
  • Fast 5mS response
  • Emissivity, reflectivity & transmissivity compensation
  • Functions and parameters conveniently programmable through rear keypad
  • Built-in Peak/Valley picking
  • Target aiming by thru-the-lens sighting and/or built-in laser pointer
  • Complete range of options and accessories



Infrared Radiation Pyrometer

KT15 Series IIP
Infrared Pyrometer
(selection guide)

-100°C - 3000°C

Research and Industrial temperature monitor

KT15IIP Series
KT15 Series IIP Brochure
(596K PDF Brochure)

  • Compact and rugged industrial sensor
  • Field programmable functions and parameters
  • Optional laser aiming
  • Fast 5mS response available
  • Built-in Peak/Valley picking
  • Wide temperature ranges
  • A great variety of accessories for on-line installations



Infrared Radiation Pyrometer

KTX Series
(selection guide)

0°C - 2000°C

Industrial temperature sensor

KTX Series
KTX Series Brochure
(196K PDF Brochure)

  • Designed to match specific applications
  • High efficiency through simplicity
  • Uncompromised performance



Infrared Radiation Pyrometer

CT18 Series
(selection guide)

Metals, Ceramics, Semiconductors, Mineral Processing

CT18 Series
CT18.03 Series Brochure
(PDF Brochure)

CT18.04 Series Brochure
(PDF Brochure)

  • High Temperature up to 3000°C
  • Small Spot Size
  • Short Wavelength
  • Fiber Optic
  • Fast Response


Infrared Radiation Pyrometer

CT09 Series
(selection guide)

General purpose, on-line low temperature monitoring

-30°C - 900°C
(-100°C on request)

CT09 Series Brochure
(PDF Brochure)

  • Within their class of economy instruments, these excel in terms of high accuracy, reproducibility and long term stability
  • Primarily used for measurements on non-metal surfaces
  • Very fast response time (50 msec)
  • Small housing
  • Digital-programmable and RS-232 output
  • 8-14um
  • Fully programmable within its base temperature range

  • 12VDC or 24VDC power options
  • Fast 50mS response
  • Compact and accurate



IP68 Industrial Sensor for Harsh Environments

CT15 - IP67

CT13 - IP68

CT11 - IP68
(selection guides)

Rubber, Plastics, Ceramics, Glass, Food & Textiles

CT15 Series Brochure

CT13 Series Brochure

CT11 Series Brochure
(PDF Brochures)

  • Compact and rugged industrial sensor for harsh environments
  • Field programmable functions and parameters via digital interface
  • Optional laser aiming
  • Fast 5mS response
  • Built-in Peak/Valley picking
  • Wide temperature range: -100°C to 900°C w/ CT15



Line Scanning System

LS15 Series
(selection guide)

90° Scan Angle

LS12 Line Scanner
LS15 Series Datasheet
(PDF Brochure)

  • In conjunction with the KT15, CT18 or KT19, the LS15 provides precise temperature distribution measurement
  • Designed for measuring surface temperature profiles in the range from -50 to 3000° C.
  • Wide scanning angle of 90 degrees allows remote temperature sensing over extended surface areas
  • Fully integrated interface and dedicated software package allows free programming of all scanner functions
  • Either remotely controlled or automated self-contained operation is available
  • Special HD-version is offered for use in hostile and hot environments



Transfer Radiation Thermometers

TRT Series
(selection guide)

A Transfer Standard of the highest level


Transfer Radiation Thermometer
Transfer Radiation Thermometer Brochure

Heitronics Calibration Equipment Brochure

(PDF Brochures)


  • For the accurate transfer of temperatures from National Metrological Institutes to user's Black Body Radiators



Blackbody Radiators

(Main Page)

Heitronics SW Series Blackbody Radiator
Heitronics SW-Series Blackbody Radiator

Heitronics Calibration Equipment Brochure

(PDF Brochure)

  • Calibration sources available from -20 to +1000°C
  • Apertures from 25mm to 60mm
  • Very high emissivity


 Additional Infrared Product Information
 Heitronics Innovative Features

Superior Infrared Technology:

* Lithium Tantalate pyroelectric detectors utilizing chopped radiation method 

* Proprietary chopper motor with 9 year MTBF

* Dielectric interference filters for 20 different spectral bands

...combined with high quality refractive optics:

* Hard coated crystalline germanium lenses for high target definition

* ZnSe or CaF2 lenses for thru-the-lens-sighting

* Interchangeable lenses and 3 different detector sizes

...results in unequalled performance features:

* Wide temperature range: -50°C - 3000°C

* Temperature resolution: 0.1°K (0.2°F)

* Accuracy: 0.5°C for targets at ambient temperature

* Long term stability: < 0.01% RDG/month

* Ambient temperature drift: Completely compensated from 0°C to 60°C

* Definition of target spot: as small as 1 mm

* Spectral emissivity: Matched to highest emissivity of target material

* Response time: As fast as 5 msec (t90)

...augmented by programmable parameters:

* Measured temperature range (°C, °F, K)

* Output signal (0-20mA; 4-20mA; 0-1V; 0-10V)

* Response time

* Emissivity adjustment, including compensation of ambient radiation

* Built-in calibration/diagnostic range


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