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KT-19 Series II Infrared Thermometer

Twenty spectral models are available with the KT19-Series II. A wide selection of lenses and detector sizes makes the KT19-Series II the most versatile compact instrument on the market. The following table lists the temperature ranges and basic applications associated with each model.

Click here to download complete KT19-Series II technical specifications, including temperature ranges and resolution tables.

 Selection Guide: Infrared Radiation Pyrometer KT19-Series II
Model Spectral Response/um tmin..tmax/°C Typical Application
KT19.01 2.00...2.70 250...2,500 metals, metal oxides, ceramics and glass volume
KT19.02 2.00...4.50 100...1,200 metals, metal oxides, glass volume (lower temperatures)
KT19.21 3.43±0.15 80...350 plasic film with CH-band, coating materials (oil, pints)
KT19.23 6.80±0.15 40...400 thin film plastics, e.g. PE, PP, PVC
KT19.24 7.93±0.15 0...400 thin film plastics, e.g. PET, PA, fluorcarbon
KT19.25 8.05±0.15 0...400 thin film plastics, e.g. PTFE, PET, PVC
KT19.41 3.90±0.10 200...2,500 glass volume, measurements through hot gases and flames
KT19.42 4.90...5.50 100...2,500 glass (processing), quartz
KT19.43 7.50...8.20 0...2,500 glass (thin plates), quartz, ceramics
KT19.61 4.26±0.13 300...2,500 hot gases and flames (CO2-band)
KT19.62 4.50±0.10 300...2,500 hot gases and flames (CO2-and CO-band)
KT19.63 4.66±0.10 300...2,500 hot gases and flames (CO-band)
KT19.69 x...y 400...2,500 hot gases in incinerators and fossil fuel fired utility boilers, rotary kiln
paper, textiles, rubber, wood, ceramics, thicker plastics (>1mm),painted or coated surfaces, asphalt,building materials, electronic components, food, liquids
KT19.85 9.6-11.5 -100...200 Meteorology, Long distance measurement water , Ice & cloud temperature
KT19.xx     several spectral response bands possible, temperature range depending on application



 KT19-II-Series General Specifications
Temperature range Depends on model, minimum and maximum measuring temperature; see table above
Temperature resolution (NETD)* Depends on model, detector size, measuring temperature and response time; typical value ±0.1°C
Accuracy ±0.5°C plus 0.7% of the difference between target temperature and housing temperature
Long-term stability Better than 0.01% of the absolute measured temperature in Kelvin/month
Lenses* Several far-focus and close-focus lenses with different optical characteristics are available, including vacuum tight lens barrels
Field of view* Depends on model, detector and lens type. For close-focus lenses: from 0.7 mm diameter at <20 mm distance; for far-focus lenses: typically 10 to 20 mm diameter at distances >1,000 mm.
Aiming options Optional thru-the-lens sighting with integrated temperature indicator; alternatively built-in laser pointer; or focus laser. Other optional aiming aids (optical or mechanical)
LCD display on rear panel Indicating measured temperature, emissivity, high/low alarm, programming menu
Keyboard on rear panel for programming of Emissivity, background temperature compensation, analog output, response time, temperature unit, serial interface, read-out of miximum/minimum value, calibration procedure, on-/off-switch for laser pointer
Emissivity setting Adjustable from 0.100 to 1.000 in 0.001 increments. Reflectivity and Transmissivity compensation
Response time Selectable: 5mS, 10mS, 30mS, 100mS, 300mS, 1S, 3S, 10S, 30S, 60S, 120S, 240S, 360S, 480S, 600S for T90
Analog output 4 scalable output signals: linear voltage or current, 0-1(10)V or 0(4)-20 mA. Integrated peak/valley picking w/ programmable decay. Output can be temperature or relative radiance
Serial interface RS-232 interface, bi-directional, baud rate 9,600 to 115,000 bps, for free programming and data transfer
Alarm relays Two set-points indicated on LCD display
Thermal switch Monitoring housing temperatue
Power requirements 22...30 VDC or 24 VAC ±10%, 48...400 Hz; <150 mA with 24 VDC
Permissible ambient temperature -20°C...70°C, w/ WK300 cooling jacket: 300°C
Storage temperature -20°C...70°C
Housing protection/Weight IP 65 (DIN 4005) NEMA 4 equivalent/approx. 2.5 kg

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KT19 Series II



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