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High Latitude Sea Surface Skin Temperatures Derived from Saildrone Infrared Measurements

Saildrone Sea Surface Temperatures Derived from Infrared Pyrometer Measurements

HEITRONICS Infrared Radiation Thermometers (also known as Infrared Radiometers or Infrared Pyrometers) have been successfully applied within the worldwide Atmospheric and Ocean Sciences communities for decades.

From May 15 to October 11, 2019, six Saildrone un-crewed surface vehicles (USVs) were deployed for 150-day cruises collecting a suite of atmospheric and oceanographic measurements from Dutch Harbor, Alaska, transiting the Bering Strait into the Chukchi Sea and the Arctic Ocean.

Saildrones are predominantly powered by wind and solar, and are equipped with advanced meteorological and oceanographic instruments and artificial intelligence technology.

Two Saildrones funded by NASA, SD-1036 and SD-1037, were equipped with HEITRONICS infrared radiation pyrometers having a 8..14 micron spectral range, positioned on the deck for the determination of the ocean sea surface skin temperature.  One infrared pyrometer aimed up at the sky, and the other aimed towards the sea.  The resulting measurement represents the temperature of the top 10-20 μm layer of sea surface while compensating for the sky temperature reflecting off the sea surface.


The authors of the following article provide a review and analysis of the sea surface skin temperature data gathered by the HEITRONICS infrared radiation thermometers on board the Saildrone vehicles.


Published in:  IEEE Journals & Magazine | IEEE Xplore
IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing (Volume: 61)


Authors:  Chong Jia, Peter J. Minnett, Malgorzata Szczodrak, Miguel Izaguirre
Paper:  High Latitude Sea Surface Skin Temperatures Derived From Saildrone Infrared Measurements
License:  Link to license


See also this article from the New York Times on the use of the crewless Saildrone surface vehicles for the collection of vital sea-level data from inside a storm:   The Tiny Craft Mapping Superstorms at Sea


Photo courtesy Saildrone. Used with permission.


Additional News and Information on Infrared Thermometers & Pyrometers:


Combustion Gas Temperature Measurement Using Infrared Pyrometers - Application Summary

HEITRONICS has more than 25 years of experience with all kinds of incineration processes. The HEITRONICS infrared radiation thermometer solution provides unique wavelength responses for CO2 gas emissions, which produces the highest quality measurements. The IR Thermometer is installed outside the furnace and is therefore not exposed to the high temperatures or agressive gases, and is easy to access.  (PDF)



SNCR Operating in the Optimized Temperature Window in a Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) Incinerator

The ammonia consumption of the SNCR (Selective Non-Catalytic Reduction) can be reduced significantly if the injection takes place in the optimum temperature window of 850..1000 oC. The knowledge of the actual temperature distribution within the incineration chamber is a crucial precondition to do this.  (PDF)



Infrared Thermometer Measures Combustion Gas using Focused High Precision Optics to Simplify the Installation

The use of Infrared Radiation Thermometers (also called infrared pyrometers or IRTs) for combustion gas temperature requires a channel or view port with diameter larger than the field of view of the IRT.  (PDF)



Displaying the Temperature Distribution of Gas Temperatures in Combustion Chambers

HEITRONICS TempControl 2.0 displays the thermal distribution of gas temperatures in a combustion chamber, and provides intuitive detection of hot spots and imbalances by graphical image of the temperature distribtuion.  (PDF)



Calibration of the External Temperature Reference Source used in Thermal Image Camera Systems for Detecting People with Elevated Body Temperature

This article discusses calibration and verification of thermal imaging camera ( TIC ) systems installed in 2020 in response to the worldwide spread of COVID-19. The intended use of such systems involves the TIC acquiring the temperature of a person’s skin surface temperature. (PDF)



Press Release: Blackbody Calibration Source ME30 for Infrared Thermometers and Thermal Imaging Cameras

Blackbody Calibration Sources are required to calibrate infrared radiation thermometers and thermal imaging cameras. ME30 will satisfy many requirements including fever/elevated body temperature measuring instruments used,as for example, for COVID-19 virus screening. (PDF)



Introduction to Radiometric Calibration of Thermal Imaging Cameras and Other Infrared Instrumentation

Infrared Calibration Equipment includes two key items: a Blackbody Radiation Source (BBR) and a Reference Thermometer. The Reference Thermometer can be either a Contact Probe or a Transfer Radiation Thermometer (TRT). This article focuses on using a TRT to obtain the best achievable uncertainties via the Scheme II method of calibration.  (PDF)



Temperature Measurement in Incinerators using Infrared Pyrometry

Provides an overview of temperature measurement of combustion gas, and includes a summary of non-contact temperature measurement methods. (PDF)


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